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Welcome to

Infinite Balanced Health 

I am are proud to offer you a unique holistic approach to health in all stages of life and health. 

Naturopathy provides holistic whole body care system approach, focusing on our own self- healing properties to promote body’s natural ability to  heal using traditional and evidence based medicines systems to strengthen body mechanisms and promote  healing and prevent disease.

Includes: consultation of body systems & treatment plan of choice:herbal/nutrition with lifestyle recommendations


Nutrition provides nourishment required by organisms and cells to stay alive. We look at metabolism and metabolic pathways and how the body uses nutrients and their relationship with disease, diet & health. We assess dietary and lifestyle factors, food intolerances that contribute to nutritional deficiencies and poor health.



Herbal medicine is the study of botany and medicinal plants that has been used in ancient cultures using medicinal plant properties to treat disease and enhance general health and well-being.




Geelong Naturopath 

Reiki/crystal healing is a non-invasive synergistic healing experience. It works on the energy centres of the body by clearing energetic blocks where there is stagnation working on the levels of physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels



Iridology is based on a scientific study of the iris looking the coloured markings to identify physiological conditions your inherited tendencies, health risks and challenges,  toxic accumulations, of parts of the body as well strengths of various organs of the body and personality traits. It is an invaluable site to vitality and health status of the body. It is an important tool to look at health status and prevent disease states.


Functional Pathology

Investigates functional, biochemical, nutritional, metabolic and hormonal status assisting practitioners in management and diagnosis of health as a holistic alternative.